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Welcome to NeoTrainer

Making exercise fun - virtually!

What is NeoTrainer?

NeoTrainer is a free virtual exercise app, turning your exercise equipment into online entertainment! You can use it to connect exercise bikes, turbo trainers, cross-country ski and rowing machines, and many others to the Internet. That's when the fun starts - train with other people online in real time, record and replay your sessions, even race yourself to see how much your fitness has improved.

How it works

Once you've connected your exercise equipment up (easier than fitting a bicycle speedo), just click the 'Start' button on any of the 2D, 3D or Graph pages on the website and begin exercising. You can measure your progress in terms of time, speed and distance - and on the 2D and 3D displays you can see a moving map display showing other users who are online. Have fun racing your friends!

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is to take an old bicycle speedo pickup and connect it to the soundcard of your PC - you can see how to do that here. Then download and install the tiny X-Sensors program (which counts the pulses from the pickup and passes them to the website). Starting the software brings up the live page on the webpage and you're off!


For help, advice and feedback use the contact form - we'll be happy to hear from you!

Latest News (17th July 2022)

 One of the most popular rides on here is Alpe d'Huez - great to see it back in the Tour de France this year, and what an epic stage it was!

Download the X-Sensors software (Version 1.2.15)

See how to connect your trainer to a PC.